Eder Financial is proud to o?er a diverse selection of 34 di?erent investment funds. Here you can ?nd the Fund Fact Sheets for each of them. We are committed to strengthening the ?nancial literacy of all our clients, so we hope you ?nd the information here informative and educational.

Please note that in 2022 we updated our investment fund o?erings, so you may notice some changes if you were familiar with our previous o?erings. What has not changed, though, is our commitment to providing savings for our members through minimal management fees, and our goal to produce high earnings through thoughtful allocation.

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New Pro-Forma Fund Fact Sheets for 2022

The Domestic Stock Value Fund is an actively managed fund that seeks long-term capital growth by investing in a portfolio of equity securities that has limited diversifcation by industry and company size. 

The Balanced Fund is an allocation of 60% Common Stock Fund and 40% Bond Fund. 

The Common Stock Fund seeks long-term capital growth by investing in a portfolio of equity securities that is well diversified by industry, company size, and company name. 

The EVI Balanced Fund is an allocation of 60% various passively-managed equity funds and 40% Treasury-Free Bond Fund that offers lower fees by using passive stock investments. 

Expense ratios vary by fund and include investment manager fees, Eder Financial Administrative Fee of 99 basis points, as well as custodian and reconciliation agent fees of 6.8 basis points




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