The Eder Retirement Plan (ERP) Employer Team is excited to announce several improvements to the retirement plan portal, along with educational resources for retirement plan administrators, which are all outlined below.

If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact the ERP Service Center at
1-866-723-0001 or

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Eder Retirement Plan (ERP) Improvements

To learn more, click the title of any improvement listed below, or scroll down this page —

  • Replaces annual remittance forms
  • Enrolling members eligible to participate in the ERP
  • Changing contributions for current participants
  • For newly eligible members
  • Use the revised versions of these documents.
  • Includes educational webinars, video guide, and FAQs

New Payroll Portal

The new payroll portal, called PIM, is easy to use and navigate.

To simplify the process of changing to a new portal, we will transfer data from your previous paper remittance forms into the PIM portal so that you can run reports and make changes online.

New Payroll Portal
Don't Miss These Key Points


  • Although the official start date for the new payroll portal, called PIM, is on Jan. 1, 2024, you can begin accessing PIM now in order to prepare for January. 
  • In December 2023, you’ll receive an email invitation with login instructions.
  • You’ll need to register and select a password.
  • The PIM portal replaces your annual remittance form -
  • Most of your current data will automatically transfer to the PIM portal -
    • Examples of transferred data include historical transactions, employee information, contribution amounts, and bank information.
  • There will be no change to your recurring contribution schedule -
    • ERP contributions will be processed on the same schedule.

New Enrollment & Contribution Process

Process improvements include enrolling members eligible to participate in the ERP and changing contributions for current participants.

New Enrollment & Contribution Process
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  • After hiring a new member, follow the steps listed in the ERP Enrollment Process.
  • Enter an ERP participant’s contribution changes into the portal.
    • Participants will no longer be able to enter contribution changes into the ERP website.

New Welcome Kit

We updated the Welcome Kit to share with your members when they're eligible for ERP contributions.

Replace your previous Welcome Kit with the following documents and share with current ERP participants. Please note: We will upload the most recent version of documents listed below as soon as they become available:

1. Welcome Letter -
• New Plan Sponsor Employees
• New Church, District, & Camp Employees
2. Website Registration - You should have received information from NWPS and Eder Retirement Plan outlining the registration steps.
3. Eder Retirement Plan Handbook
4. Investment Offerings Brochure and Target Date Fund Brochure
5. Current Retirement Benefits Newsletter

Updated Plan Document & Loan Policy

We updated the Plan Document and Loan Policy for you to review and reference.

Helpful Resources

Please review the following resources to help guide you through the ERP improvements:




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