Members of Eder Retirement Plan have more than 30 funds in which to choose to invest, and Eder is responsible for managing those investment choices. “One of the hallmarks of our investing philosophy is that we invest to our values, which are inspired by the Brethren,” said Nevin Dulabaum, Eder president. Eder screens out investments that do not conform to its values, advocates with some companies in which it is invested to change practices that do not align with those values and offers an investment option that supports community development. To be sure that the funds comply with these values and performance standards, Eder’s investment team (which includes an outside investment consulting firm) meets quarterly via Zoom with the managers of the self-managed funds. Managers that underperform are put on watch and eventually terminated if they do not meet performance standards. Annually, the fund managers are brought to the Eder Financial office for an extensive review. Three times each year, the staff investment team meets with the Eder Board’s investment committee, which gives additional investment oversight. This robust system is designed to ensure that Eder Financial complies with Eder Values Investing and generates returns for its members.