Eder Values Investing

Eder Financial makes investment decisions that embody Church of the Brethren values. All of Eder Financial’s separately managed funds are administered this way. Based on the performance of Eder Financial’s investment managers, socially responsible investors are able to generate returns similar to those of the overall markets over the long term.

Eder Retirement Plan's investment funds have a history of strong performance and often outperform their benchmark indexes. Our selection of funds offer opportunities for diversification and the potential for improved portfolio performance with thoughtful allocation.

Eder Financial carries out its EVI functions in three broad measures —
through screening, positive investment, and shareholder activity.


Eder Values Investing offers a range of funds, each of which is managed to be consistent with Church of the Brethren value statements. Whether you need to invest funds for a specific project or you manage ongoing endowments, Eder Financial can help you find the right mix of investments. Our fees are structured so that as much of your growth as possible is available for your congregation's purposes. We cannot guarantee market performance, but Eder Values Investing ensures that your investments are consistent with your values.


Eder Retirement Plan allows you to direct your regular contributions into the set of funds that best matches your age, risk tolerance, and retirement needs. Whether you are just beginning to save for retirement or have already made a good start, you can log in to your account and allocate funds as appropriate for your situation. And you can be confident that your investments match your values at every stage of life because each of our funds follows Eder Financial's Investment Guidelines.


You make choices every day about how to spend your money. And every day, those decisions signal your values. But how well do your decisions reflect your true values? How can you sort through all the information available to you without getting lost in infinite layers of detail? Eder Financial would like to help.

We are seeking out resources that can help you align your spending with your values based on the best available information and our shared commitment. 

EVI Screening

Each year as part of its Eder Values Investing initiatives, Eder Financial's Board of Directors adopts two lists of companies that earn significant revenue from U.S. military operations. One list identifies the top 25 publicly traded defense contractors based on the size of contracts awarded by the Department of Defense, and the other list includes all publicly traded companies that generate more than 10 percent of their revenue from Department of Defense contracts. The firms on the lists are screened from Eder Financial’s investment portfolios by all of our investment managers, and the organization avoids being a customer of any of these companies.




Eder Financial serves individuals, organizations, and congregations affiliated with the Church of the Brethren as well as those of like mind within the broader faith-based and non-profit community.