Our Board of Directors

The Eder Financial Board of Directors is comprised of 12 Church of the Brethren members. Each member brings unique expertise in the areas of law, finance, benefits, and investments to the service of the board.

Governing Boards

  • Brethren Benefit Trust
  • Eder Financial
  • Eder Organizational Investing
  • Eder Deferred Gifts

Directors are elected in three ways

  • Four directors are elected by members using our retirement benefits and insurance services.
  • Four directors are elected by the Annual Conference delegate body.
  • Four directors are elected by the Eder Financial Board, subject to approval by Annual Conference.

Eder Financial Board Eligibility

  • Be members of the Church of the Brethren.
  • Have general knowledge of Retirement Plan, Insurance, Deferred Gifts and Organizational Investing programs.
  • Have some expertise in finance, benefits, insurance, accounting, law, information systems, investments, personnel administration, charitable gifts, or health care.
  • To avoid any conflicts of interest, people ineligible for election as Eder Financial Board members are those currently serving as officers of Annual Conference, members of the Annual Conference Standing Committee, and members of the boards for the three other agencies that are reportable to Annual Conference — Church of the Brethren Inc., Bethany Theological Seminary, and On Earth Peace.




Eder Financial serves individuals, organizations, and congregations affiliated with the Church of the Brethren as well as those of like mind within the broader faith-based and non-profit community.