Annual Conference Memorial Tribute
Submission Form for District / Agencies

Submissions, including a photo, may be sent to the district representative and then forwarded with the representative’s approval to Eder Financial. A submission can also be forwarded directly to Eder Financial but the district representative must affirm that the person should be included.

Submission Form for Districts/Agencies

Date of birth:
City, State, ZIP Code:

Choose one::
Congregation / Employer:

Relationship to deceased:
City, State, ZIP code::

Photo Upload:
You may submit a digital photo with a clear view of the subject. It does not have to be a professional photo, but if a professional photograph is used — including those used for a church directory — it requires permission from the photographer. Photo credits are not given in the Memorial Tribute.
You may also send a photo separately via email to Loyce Borgmann at
You may also send a hard copy via U.S. mail, but please make sure there is identifying information on the back of the photo. Mail your photo, along with the submission form, to —
Eder Financial Memorial Tribute 1505 Dundee Ave. Elgin, IL 60120-1619
If there are questions or concerns, please reach out to Client Services Director Loyce Borgmann at 847-622-3364.

Please review all the information you have entered above, and then click Submit to complete your entry.
NOTE: By submitting your information and/or photo you are agreeing to allow Eder Financial to use your entry in print, electronic, and video formats, while doing our best to protect your privacy.




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